Breakfast Menu

  All breakfast items served with your choice of Coffee, Orange Juice, or Milk

Minimum of 32 Guests for Banquet to be plated and served. Choice of one menu item for entire party. 


 Breakfast Buffet

 Light Breakfast                       $9.95

 Choose any 3 items from our Specialty Breakfast Selections

 “Just Right” Breakfast           $11.95

 Choose any 4 items from our Specialty Breakfast Selections

 Full Breakfast Buffet                          $13.95

 Choose any 5 items from our Specialty Breakfast Selections


 Specialty Breakfast Selections

 Breakfast Potatoes

 Cheesy Scrambled Eggs



 Seasonal Fruit

 Danish, Donuts, and Muffins

 Grandma’s Quiche                 $7.99

 Fresh, made from scratch quiche, just like you remember it. Choose between Broccoli or Ham. Served with a fruit garnish.

 Traditional French Toast or Schmidt’s Specialty French Toast                 $9.00

 Traditional:  French toast you will love, made on our freshly baked white bread. Served with scrambled eggs.

 Schmidt’s Specialty: French toast made from our made from scratch apple cinnamon bread. Served with scrambled eggs

 Danish Platter (serves 18-24)                        $38.45

 Fresh baked Danish and Donuts to fill your tray.

 Danish Selections

 Cream Cheese, Cherry, Cherry/Cheese, Raspberry, Lemon, Bear Claw, Baked Cinnamon Roll, Orange Butterflake Roll or Crispy

 Donut Selections

 Apple Fritter, Bismark, Cinnamon Cake, Blue Berry Cake, Applesauce Cake, White Cake with Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing, Glazed, Glazed with Chocolate Icing, Cinnamon Twist, Fried Cinnamon Roll, Maple Bar, Chocolate Bar, or Old Fashioned.

 Fruit Tray (serves 18-24)                   $65.95

 Enjoy fresh seasonal fruit arranged on a beautiful tray.

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