Prices, Policies and Additional Info.

Banquet Room Prices

Wedding Luncheons and Dinners

* No Room Rental Fee

* 2 Hours included in rental

* $100 per additional hour

* Menu item must be plated and served

* Minimum of 32 guests (if minimum is not reached, you will be billed for 32 plates)

* One menu item must be selected for all guests


Business Meetings and Showers

* A room rental fee of $75 per hour will be charged (room rental does not include food)

* Minimum of two hours must be booked

* $100 per additional hour


Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies

* $250 room rental fee for Banquet Room (room rental fee does not include food)

* Additional $100 rental fee for Patio

* Two hours will be allotted for your event

* $100 per additional hour


Additional Items

* Linen Fee with Centerpieces           $12.00/table

Includes round tables, two linen tablecloths (one base linen and one topper linen), linen napkins, and beautiful centerpiece with your choice of ribbon color.

* Linen Fee without Centerpiece                    $10.00/table

Includes round table, two linen tablecloths (one base linen and one topper linen), and linen napkins.

 Policies and Additional Information

* Most prices are on a “per person” basis

* There will be an 18% gratuity fee added to all orders.

* A non-refundable $75 deposit is required to reserve your date (deposit will be deducted from final total).

* Changes to your menu cannot be made within 72 hours of event.

* No outside food or drink is allowed

* If additional items are needed to replenish trays during your event, additional charges will be billed accordingly.

* Banquet room is equipped to accommodate a maximum of 62 guests

* 70” flat screen TV available. Must supply your own HDMI and Ethernet cables, or burned DVD/Blue Ray.

* We recommend you come in advance to check all cords and cables for your technical needs.

Order by calling (801) 280.7200